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The Source |Machine Gun Kelly Brings Heavy Firepower to ‘The Last Son’

Machine Gun Kelly is no stranger to trying new things when it comes to his music or his fashion. The same holds true with his leading role debut in ‘The Last Son,’ a western action film with a star-studded cast that comes out today in select theaters.

Redbox Entertainment and a blacklist script written by Greg Johnson, and directed by Tim Sutton (Donnybrook), ‘The Last Son’ is set in the post-Civil War wild west of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Isaac LeMay (Sam Worthington) is a murderous outlaw cursed by a terrible Cheyenne prophecy, hunting down his offspring one by one in an attempt to prevent his own murder. MGK (real name Colson Baker) plays one of LeMay’s illegitimate sons, Cal, who was born to a local prostitute (Heather Graham). Cal, a well-known bank robber and outlaw is determined to find and kill his father before his father finds him. All of this is complicated by bounty hunters and soldiers who are looking for both father and son. Thomas Jane plays U.S. officer Solomon, who in addition to looking for the LeMays, is in an entanglement with Cal’s mother.

The film is packed with the expected explosive action sequences, jaw-dropping scenery, and heavy return fire. MGK holds his own in the Tarantino-esque film, adding depth to an otherwise secondary character. Best of all, he literally wheels around a Gatling gun (one of the earliest machine guns) that he stole from the military where he briefly served before being dishonorably discharged for lying about his age and insubordination.

The film’s trailer and ticket/viewing information can be found at https://thelastsonmovie.com/.

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