Setting off fireworks is all fun and games until you almost burn the house down. The Fourth of July Weekend festivities may have come to a close, but those fireworks are still being set off across the U.S. As neighborhoods gear up for what will be weeks of firecrackers erupting from one coast to the next, fans were able to see how Chief Keef and his crew celebrated Independence Day. Like millions of others around the country, Keef settled in with friends and family and enjoyed the national holiday by lighting fireworks. 

However, in a video shared online, you can clearly see that things took a turn rather quickly. The clip opens with a crowd keeping their distance from a lit firework that shoots straight up into the air. 

Provided By HNHH 

As everyone looked up at the blast in the sky, the remains of the firework weren’t finished showing off and began spewing sparks in all directions on the ground. The crowd ran for cover behind surrounding vehicles and, of course, people whipped out their cellphones in order to capture the chaos. Even as they ducked behind cars and seemed as if they were out of harm’s way, the high-flying sparks curved overhead and barely missed people hoping to avoid injury.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem as if anyone was hurt. Check out Chief Keef hightail it to safety with his friends below.