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Airport Says Iggy Azalea Showed Up Late to Flight, Not American Airlines’ Fault

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The Source |Mike Tyson’s Rep Says Flight Passenger Threw Water Bottle At The Champ

The footage of boxing legend Mike Tyson putting the beats on a harassing passenger before leaving the plane on the flight from San Francisco has gone viral and now Tyson’s rep claims that the visibly...

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International flight forced to return to U.S. 500 miles into trip, thanks to anti-masker

Police officers met Flight AAL38 at Miami International Airport when it returned, and escorted a woman in her 40s off the plane, said Lea Gonzalez, a public information officer for the Miami-Dade Police...


Dog Dies on Southwest Flight, Family Blaming Airline

A Southwest passenger says the airline is at fault after her dog wasn’t able to breathe in his carrier and suffered a tragic death during a flight. The 3-year-old French bulldog, named Charlie, was...


Stevie J Kicked Off Delta Flight, Disputes Onboard Drink Story

12:57 PM PT — Stevie tells TMZ … the reason he and his son, Stevie II, were removed is due in part to the fact they didn’t follow a Delta staffer’s instructions on the drop of a...

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Flight attendant goes ‘Karen,’ demands pilot kick Black mother holding newborn from flight

The whole thing started when the passenger, Brandon, asked the couple with the infant to stand up and allow him into his row. “Y’all have to get up,” Brandon demand, obviously peeved there were...


Stowaway Hides in Landing Area of Plane During Flight from Guatemala

Play video content A man hitched a ride on a plane to get out of his home country in hopes of landing stateside … somehow surviving the mile-high journey in the underbelly of the aircraft. The...

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Female Passenger Arrested After Punching Southwest Flight Attendant in the Head

Arielle Jean Jackson A female passenger was arrested and charged with aggravated assault Saturday evening for punching a Southwest Airlines flight attendant in the side of the head. 32-year-old Arielle...