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Dolphin Stabbed to Death Washes Up on Florida Beach

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[WATCH] Tory Lanez Drops New Video For “Florida Sh*t”

Tory Lanez may be from Canada, but he loves the sunshine state of Florida. He dropped a song, “Miami,” a few years back” dedicated to the southern state. Now he’s back with a new banger,...


College Spring Breakers Hit Florida Beaches, Older Celebs Try to Keep Up

Spring break is back in full effect as college kids descend on Florida beaches, and while celebs are also jetting off and trying to keep up on the party scene … it’s pretty obvious, most of...

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Florida man crushed to death by bulldozer while using porta potty at work

Florida Man Killed By Bulldozer While Using Porta Potty Source: Benjamin Rondel / Getty A 40-year-old Winter Haven, Florida man has lost his life after a terrible accident on his job site. Aaron Henderson...

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Florida woman arrested for fatally throwing boyfriend’s pet pug off balcony

Florida Woman Arrested For Fatally Throwing Boyfriend’s Dog From 7th Floor Balcony Source: MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images / Getty This is pretty f***ed up even by trash a** Florida...

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Ron DeSantis Tells Joe Biden To Pound Sand, Rejects Request To Send Florida National Guard To DC: “I have rejected this request”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told President Joe Biden to go pound sand and is rejecting a request to send Florida National Guard soldiers to the nation’s capital for Biden’s State of the Union speech....

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Trump Makes Move On Mitch McConnell, Pushes Florida Senator Rick Scott to Challenge Him for Leader: Report

Former President Donald Trump is making moves to get rid of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and replace him with Florida Senator Rick Scott according to Politico. Trump has publicly feuded...

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GOP Flips Seat In Florida Special Election In District Joe Biden Won In Bad Sign For Dem Party

Republican Nick Howland put the Dems on notice after he flipped a Jacksonville, Florida, city council seat in a heavy Democrat district that swung for President Biden in 2020 in a special election last...

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GOP-led Florida House committee advances Ron DeSantis’ anti-child agenda

Senate lawmakers had similarly ignored testimony during a hearing last last month. In fact, not one person at the hearing for SB 1808 spoke in support of the legislation, Florida Immigration Coalition...

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Lawmakers urge Biden admin to close Florida ICE facility accused of racist abuse, COVID endangerment

“We remain extremely concerned about the reports coming out of Glades and understand a group of advocacy organizations sent your department a memorandum (memo) specifically on racist abuse at the...

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Florida GOP’s anti-immigrant plan seeks to block state contracts that don’t appear to exist

“The spreadsheet included the name of six companies, most of which are relatively little-known airlines or charter flight companies,” the report said. “None that could be identified by POLITICO...

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Neo-Nazis rally in Florida; Atlanta DA calls FBI over Trump threats; six HBCUs receive bomb threats

The rally in Orlanda was organized by the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and was live-streamed on the American Nazi Party’s website. Participants chanted “The Jew is the devil” and “Jews rape...


Travis Pastrana Hospitalized After Terrifying Parachute Stunt Crash In Florida

Motorsports legend Travis Pastrana has been hospitalized in Florida … after he terrifyingly crash-landed into a park following a parachute stunt gone wrong. The horrifying scene was all captured on...


O.J. Simpson Hits Florida Bar to Catch NFL Playoff Game, Post-Parole

O.J. Simpson‘s post-parole life is starting out in the Sunshine State, it seems, because there’s been a Juice sighting in Florida … and wouldn’t you know it, the guy’s at a...

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Florida Man wants to force all sports teams to play the national anthem, because ‘Merica!

Evan Donovan, a political reporter for WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida, brought this nonsense to Twitter’s attention on Tuesday. He also noted the bemused reaction of one of Gruters’ Democratic colleagues:...

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Florida suspends county health officer for daring to encourage vaccination among his employees

According to The Orlando Sentinel: Dr. Raul Pino, who became a trusted voice of the pandemic response in the nation’s tourist capital, has been placed on administrative leave from his post as the...


Kodak Black Arrested in Florida for Trespassing on New Year’s Eve

Kodak Black found himself behind bars on New Year’s Eve — albeit briefly — but it sounds like it might be a big misunderstanding … at least according to his attorney. KB’s...


NFL Legend Lawrence Taylor Arrested In Florida, Mug Shot Released

4:21 PM PT — Taylor’s attorney, Arthur Aidala, tells us … “Lawrence Taylor has been compliant with all of the rules and regulations regarding his legal status for the past decade....

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Florida man arrested and charged with graphic threats directed at two congresswomen

This would not be the first time Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has been targeted for threats due to the high-pitched “rhetoric” in our public discourse these days. A Texas man who was also a Jan. 6 insurrection...


Video Captures Moment Florida Man Jumps Off Bridge After Leading Police On A High-Speed Chase In Stolen Van

A man attempted to ditch the police during a high-speed chase by jumping from the top of a bridge into the river below. According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, it reportedly all started on October...