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Ari Lennox Reveals Fear of Flying, No Longer Doing Shows Overseas

R&B singer Ari Lennox revealed she’s done booking shows that require her to take a flight. The Washington, D.C native shared on social media and apologized to her overseas fans but said her fear of flying in a plane has taken a big toll on her mental health. 

The Dreamville singer posted: 

“For my mental health and sanity, I will not be doing any shows that require me to fly. I can not keep torturing myself with this huge fear of mine. It is literally destroying my health. Enough is enough. I’m so sorry to all that are inconvenienced by this. Don’t know what this will mean for my career but I just can’t do it.”

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 Although it’s not the most convenient way to travel, Ari will still be able to make her way through the USA on a tour bus. The late Aretha Franklin, along with DJ Khaled, Whoopi Goldberg and Fat Joe have all opened up about their fear of flying. Legendary rapper KRS-One has even taken a boat to Australia to avoid the not so friendly skies. 

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