Daniel Cormier’s legacy in the UFC has been cemented. The former heavyweight champion had some huge wins throughout the course of his career, and now, he is a commentator on all of the UFC’s biggest broadcasts. Cormier can be found roaming the halls at ESPN sometimes, and on Thursday, he put his time at the network to good use as he linked up with former NFL star and current NFL analyst, Ryan Clark, where they got to engage in some antics. 

In the video clip down below, Cormier attempts to show Clark that he actually has quite a bit of skill when it comes to being a receiver. Clark was obviously skeptical, so they lined up as a wide receiver and a safety would. That’s when Cormier hilariously did a quick shuffle of the feet, which had Clark laughing hysterically. It was a funny moment that has Cormier contemplating whether or not he could have made it in the NFL.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Thankful for a lot of things, 1 that stands out is having a chance to run my first route against an NFL vet,” Cormier said. “And honestly I’m getting open on @Realrclark25 come on y’all I think I’m scoring in the red zone here. On my Ceedee Lamb Shit! What y’all think I beat him to inside!”

Of course, these tactics would never work on the field, and in terms of physique, Cormier isn’t exactly your prototypical wide receiver. Regardless, it’s a funny clip that will certainly make you laugh on this Thanksgiving Thursday.