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The Source |International Spotlight: Frankfurt, Germany’s Mike Willion

Mike Willion is an independent artist from Frankfurt Germany. Mike began to make music when he was a freshman in college and now after dropping his first mixtape, he’s become a highly anticipated, fast growing artist in the south. His music holds a soul and R&B influence.

With tracks such as “ICE ON”, and “Vibez”, Mike Willion carries a unique and smooth sound to him. His vocals sound full and are mixed perfectly. On the two tracks, being among some of his most popular works, Mike Willion delivers perfect lyricism and execution. For him, his music is a portal into his life and how he goes about his day to day. His current release schedule is constant and the creative is looking to have two releases coming out soon to follow up his last two drops, “Selective Hearing 2” and “Conversations with a Virgo.”

To keep up with Mike Willion, and be the first to hear his upcoming releases, be sure to check out his personal Instagram page here as well as listen to his previous releases, on his Spotify artist page, here.

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