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Braves: Astonishing details emerge surrounding why Freddie Freeman left his agency

Freddie Freeman‘s return to Atlanta was understandably emotional at first. He cried prior to his press conference before his first game as a Dodger at Truist Park, and he teared up at his initial standing ovation, but I don’t think anybody expected him to show so much emotion throughout the entire series. It was Sunday night in a tight game of the series finale, and Freeman was still caught several times with watery eyes.

There was so much going on between Freeman and the Braves that even Clayton Kershaw came out and said he hoped the Dodgers aren’t “second fiddle.” That’s a pretty controversial to say about a teammate that’s returning to the place where he spent the last 12 years of his career, but I think I speak for most people when I say I understand where Kershaw was coming from. Following the series, it was overwhelmingly obvious where Freeman’s heart lies — in Atlanta. And to make matters worse, the debacle didn’t stop there.

Yesterday, it was revealed Freeman was leaving his agency because of the way they handled his free agent negotiations, and now we know why. According to Doug Gottlieb, Casey Close — Freeman’s agent — never told Freeman about the Braves’ final offer, which is why Freeman fired him. Close apparently knew that Freeman would have taken the deal.

If this is true, it is some astounding news. Freeman always wanted to be a Brave, and he still does. Yet, he’s currently signed to one of their biggest rivals in the National League for the next six seasons.

I’m not sure how this is going to play out in Los Angeles. Surely, his teammates have to feel awkward about the situation. However, as far as the Braves are concerned, the ordeal is over. Freeman isn’t coming through those doors. He’s gone. This is Matt Olson‘s team now, and after he blasted two home runs last night in a critical victory over the Phillies, Braves fans should feel just fine about that.



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Braves: Thoughts on Freddie Freeman, a Dansby Swanson extension, Spencer Strider, and more

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How will Braves fans react to Freddie Freeman’s return to Atlanta?

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Braves: Here’s what Freddie Freeman had to say before the series against Atlanta

For good reason, a lot has been made about Freddie Freeman facing his former team for the first time in Dodger blue. Instead of waiting for Freeman’s decision, the Braves infamously traded for Matt...

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Braves: Ronald Acuña has some shocking words for Freddie Freeman on his way out

Let the games begin. Opening Day is finally here, but shockingly, that isn’t even close to the biggest headline of the day. More Freddie Freeman drama has arrived, and it has the potential to be a...

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Ken Rosenthal thinks the Braves could have some internal issues following the Freddie Freeman saga

No matter how much Braves fans are tired of hearing it, the Freddie Freeman drama will inevitably leak its way into the season. All eyes will be on how the hometown kid, Matt Olson, handles the spotlight,...

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Alex Anthopoulos: “That’s not the Freddie we know…” on Freeman’s Dodgers press conference

As Freddie Freeman and the Braves part ways, details have emerged of how the contract negotiations played out, and they don’t look good for Freeman’s camp. Buster Olney wrote a detailed account of...

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Braves: Freddie Freeman close to joining Dodgers on six-year deal

Braves fans aren’t going to like this news. According to Ken Rosenthal, Freddie Freeman is close to signing a six-year contract with the Dodgers worth $160 million. Free-agent first baseman Freddie...

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Braves: Freddie Freeman isn’t the only Atlanta free agent the Dodgers have their eyes on

For a number of reasons, there’s not a team I hate more than the Dodgers. Not only are they the Braves most fierce competition on the field, but their also a pain in the butt during the offseason, where...

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Braves Report: Dodgers making strong push for Freddie Freeman

This is far from a surprise, but the Dodgers have their eyes set on Freddie Freeman and have officially offered him a multi-year deal. Sources: #Dodgers making a strong push for Freddie Freeman and have...

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Braves: Freddie Freeman expected to make decision within the next 24 hours

It’s the moment of truth. According to Jon Morosi, Freddie Freeman is expected to make his decision within the next 24 hours. Sources: Freddie Freeman negotiations expected to reach a conclusion in next...

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According to Vegas, the Braves are not the favorite to land Freddie Freeman

This definitely surprised me a bit. According to Las Vegas oddsmakers, the Braves are no longer the favorite to sign Freddie Freeman in free agency. This is according to https://t.co/QGKgAPCa3U...

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Braves Report: Some believe Yankees could move quickly on Freddie Freeman

The MLB lockout is over, and the rumors are flooding in. According to Buster Olney, rival executives are curious whether the Yankees will attempt to move quickly on Freddie Freeman. As the transactions...

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Braves: One reporter believes Freddie Freeman will choose between the Braves and Dodgers

If the MLB lockout really is coming to a close, as many believe, so are the Freddie Freeman sweepstakes. Many believe Freeman will be one of the first free agents to sign once the lockout ends, and I...

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Braves: Dodgers Max Muncy comments on Freddie Freeman potentially joining him in Los Angeles

At this point, there is a shorter list of teams that aren’t in on Freddie Freeman than there is of those who are. Teams around the league think the Braves are willing to let him walk, and from reports,...

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Braves: Andruw Jones not surprised Freddie Freeman remains unsigned

Andruw Jones recently joined hosts David O’Brien and Eric Eric O’Flaherty on the 755 Is Real podcast to discuss a number of topics leading up to the season. Among them, of course, was the situation...

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Braves free agent Joc Pederson comments on his and Freddie Freeman’s future

As the MLB lockout rages on, baseball fans have been left holding their peanuts. Hopefully, it’s resolved sooner or later before it does permanent damage to America’s pastime. The Braves have...

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Braves Report: Mets among teams that have checked on Freddie Freeman

From an optimistic perspective, it appears like the lockout could come to an end soon. The two sides have met every day this week, and even though minimal progress has been made, it only takes one side to...