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Kanye West 2020 Claims Someone Stole Thousands From Campaign Fund

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Uber Exec Andrey Liscovich Creates Ukraine Defense Fund in Face of Danger

Play video content TMZ.com Tech entrepreneur Andrey Liscovich is fighting for his birthplace of Ukraine by giving up his life in Silicon Valley and getting civilian soldiers the supplies they need …...

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New York City announces fund to connect Haitian asylum-seekers with legal help, social services

“The funds will be distributed to community-based partners that will provide linguistically- and culturally responsive case management and immigration legal services to newly arrived Haitian New...

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Virginia Cop Wants His Job Back After He was Doxxed and Fired for Donating to the Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund

Last year after the fatal shootings at the Kenosha riots the leftist media went to work acting like a fascist hit squad. That’s all about to change. In April, 2021 news broke that the far-left group...