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Mass Shooting in Norway’s Gay District, 2 Dead, at Least 19 Injured

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Mass Shooting In Gay District Of Norway, 2 Dead 19 Injured

The shooting that took place outside of a gay establishment in Oslo is now being classified as terrorism. By now, everyone has been made aware of the mass shootings that have happened across the nation....


50 Cent Claims Young Buck is Gay in New Homophobic Post

50 Cent is revealing some pretty intense homophobia by attacking Young Buck after the rapper claimed 50 forced him into bankruptcy … suggesting YB is gay. Young Buck was on the “It’s...


‘Gay’ Dog Adopted by Gay Couple in North Carolina, Changing Name

The so-called “gay” dog that was given up by its owners over perceived homosexual behavior now has a new home — and that pad is very LGBTQ-friendly … as is his new name! North...

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‘Bridgerton’s’ Jonathan Bailey Talks To GQ Hype About Hiding Gay Identity

In Season 2 of ‘Bridgerton’ Jonathan Bailey plays stars as a womanizing aristocrat, set on doing his duty by settling down. Source: Ben Parks / GQ In real life, he’s very different from the...


Fan Yells Homophobic Slur At Gay AEW Wrestler Anthony Bowens During Match

A fan shouted a homophobic slur at gay AEW star Anthony Bowens during a match this week … and it’s disgusting. Bowens — who publicly came out as bisexual in 2017, but now identifies as...

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GLAAD Praises Brian Tyree Henry’s Role As The MCU’s First Openly Gay Hero

Photo: Getty Images This is a big weekend in the world of entertainment on all fronts. In the world of sports, Kamaru Usman will battle Colby Covington for the UFC Welterweight Championship at Madison...