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Ghislaine Maxwell Has to Stay Away from Kids Once She’s Out of Prison

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother Says Family ‘Fears For Her Safety’ After Brunel Found Dead: “Another death by hanging in a high-security prison, my reaction is one of total shock and bewilderment”

The family of Ghislaine Maxwell broke their silence after the shocking death by hanging of Jeffrey Epstein’s main pimp, model scout Jean-Luc Brunel, in Paris late last night.   “I can confirm that...

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BBC News admits error after tapping Epstein pal Alan Dershowitz to analyze Ghislaine Maxwell verdict

The Washington Post: Shortly after Maxwell was convicted Wednesday of sex-trafficking charges for assisting Epstein in abusing young girls, BBC News brought on Dershowitz to analyze the guilty verdict of...

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Ghislaine Maxwell could spend decades in prison after guilty verdict reached in sex-trafficking case

Jurors had been deliberating for approximately 40 hours over the course of six days before reaching a verdict. Ghislaine Maxwell, the wealthy socialite believed to be Jeffrey Epstein’s right-hand woman,...

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty On Five of Six Counts In Sex Trafficking Trial

Ghislaine Maxwell, serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein close associate and co-consiprirator has been found guilty on five of six counts at her sex trafficking trial. of underage girls. Maxwell, 59, had...

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Family Is Asking the UN for Help In Having Her Released from Jail Due to Horrid Conditions

The family of Ghislaine Maxwell, the close friend and colleague of Jeffrey Epstein, is asking the UN that she be released from jail pending trial due to her horrid living conditions.  The New York Post...

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“Chasing Ghislaine” Documenatry Examines Maxwell’s Troubled Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein

The tale of Ghislaine Maxwell is a troubled one, which dates back to her childhood. The English socialite is the daughter of Betty and Robert Maxwell, a powerful UK media mogul and alleged Mossad spy who...