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Olivia Rodrigo Rips SCOTUS at Concert, ‘Truly Don’t Give a S*** About Freedom’

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Lizzo, Live Nation Give Planned Parenthood $1 Million After Roe Overturn

Lizzo isn’t on board with SCOTUS reversing Roe v. Wade and opening the door for states to ban abortions … so, the “Grrls” rapper put her money — a lot of it — where her emotions...

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The Braves should give Michael Conforto a call

Early in the season, the Braves have struggled heavily at the plate. Outside of Matt Olson, Marcell Ozuna, and Austin Riley — Atlanta hasn’t generated much offense. Lefty Eddie Rosario is off to a...

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Tory Lanez Says He “Loves Seeing Chloe Bailey Not Give AF”

Tory Lanez shared some major praise for Chloe Bailey on Twitter over the weekend. Tory Lanez gave a major shout-out to Chloe Bailey on Twitter, over the weekend, saying that he loves seeing her “not...

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This former Brave believes the Braves should give Freeman “whatever he wants”

Everything seems like nothing more than wild speculation at this point in the lockout, which is entirely understandable. We’re all dying for baseball news, especially Braves fans when it comes to...

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Connect! Unite! Act! We can talk to those we disagree with, and not give up on standing with allies

I have told this story many times. I grew up in a very conservative household. Most of my family members, with a few exceptions, are still fairly to very conservative. It wasn’t until later in life I...

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Clever finishes give this woodsy Underwood Hills house instant character

Horizontal shiplap in the foyer adds texture to previously plain walls. A painting by Lucy Reiser (Anne Irwin Fine Art) and a natural teak console table soften the hard angles.Photograph by Cati Teague...


Jorge Masvidal Shuts Down Jake Paul’s $5 Million Offer, Give Me $20 Million!

3:42 PM PT — Masvidal has heard Jake’s offer loud and clear — and he’s shutting it down, calling it “chump change.” Masvidal says if Jake raises the offer to $20...

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There’s one last fervently anti-choice Democrat in the House. It’s time to give him the heave-ho

After Texas Republicans enacted their virtual ban on abortion known as SB8, one of the ways Democrats in Congress responded was to pass a bill that would codify the constitutional rights laid out in Roe...

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Only 6 Healthy Children Have Died in the UK from COVID In a Year – Why Close Schools, Wear Masks in Schools or Give Kids COVID Shots? Why?

Only 6 children in the UK died over the past year from COVID only.  Only 6! Raheem Kassam from the War Room reports that only 6 healthy children died from COVID in the UK over the past year. Kassam asks...

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Future’s ‘Legendary Nights’ Tour Will Give Away Scholarships For Fans

Getty Image Future may have made a tongue-in-cheek song about giving out “Scholarships” at the strip club with Drake, but it looks like now he’ll be doing so for real while on tour with Meek Mill....