An awkward stage moment became an incident for Rap fans and of course, rumors ran rampant about the City Girls. The dynamic, hitmaking duo are childhood best friends, however, at every turn, it seems that the public has tried pitting them against one another. If one appears on Instagram Live without the other, there is gossip that they are fighting. When Yung Miami released music without her groupmate, people theorized that City Girls was breaking up. 

No matter how many times these two have to tell the public that they are still great friends and City Girls isn’t going anywhere, they can’t seem to rid themselves of the gossip. A video of their Revolt Sumit performance went viral as it showed Yung Maimi walking off of the stage leaving JT behind and soon, those internet sleuths were back at it.

Derek White / Stringer / Getty Images

It all was much ado about nothing because according to the ladies, their performance was over so it was time to leave. It was obviously an awkward moment but nothing that was out of control, however, JT and Yung Miami were still targeted by the public. People claimed Yung Miami left early because she didn’t like the crowd, some said she was fighting with JT, and others attempted to say she was emotionally drained after recently speaking about her ex who passed away.

“I wasn’t confused that Caresha walked off I knew the show was over I was confused on how to end the show being that it was a very short show,” tweeted JT. “[And] we both walked to separate ends of the stage to say bye to everybody my side was just further from the exit. & before y’all ask why I’m just saying something it’s because usually she ignores situations & I didn’t want to bring attention to it.”

JT added that the public gets “very weird” when she speaks on gossip and she hoped this was another instance that just blew over. Meanwhile, Yung Miami was shutting down fans who tried to make the situation more than it was. Someone tweeted Miami and told her not to walk off of the stage if people paid to see her perform.

“Girl the show was over! Wtf you wanted me to stand there and smile? F*ck you!” she replied. Another person said it was “hard to sympathize with” Yung Miami because she acts “bipolar.” The Twitter user also suggested, “It just may be that time of the month.” Yung Miami clapped back.

“I never asked you to sympathize with me weirdo!” Check it out below.