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Kansas City cop Eric DeValkenaere found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

Good. Now, do all the rest of them…

Source: Douglas Sacha / Getty

To say that the last few years of Amerikkkan life have been difficult is quite an understatement. For almost a decade now, ever since George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin back in 2012, our eyes have consistently taken in dozens of brutal deaths of Black bodies. Cell phone cameras and body cameras (when cops decide to wear them and have them activated) have showed us a traumatizing amount of police violence that rarely results in actual accountability. When we say “rarely” we mean almost never.

However, change appears to be coming even if it is slow and intermediate. According to KCUR, a police officer is Kansas City, Kansas has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action after killing an unarmed Black man. On December 3, 2019, Kansas City police detective Eric DeValkenaere shot 26-year-old Cameron Lamb while he was backing his pickup truck into his garage. The killing took place after a police helicopter reported a red truck chasing another vehicle at over 90 MPH on a residential street. DeValkenaere and another plain clothes cop ran up on Lamb’s property and began firing almost immediately. The presiding official, Judge J. Dale Youngs reprimanded the officer for not having a warrant, not having probable cause for a warrant, and not being under exigent circumstances as the “chase” had ended long before they arrived on the scene.

Clearly, these cops think that they can do whatever the f*** they want under the guise of “public safety”.

Eric DeValkenaere is said to be the first Kansas City police officer to stand trial for killing a Black man since, wait for it…1941! The previous law enforcement defendant was acquitted of any wrongdoing.

No word on how much time DeValkenaere faces but we will be watching his sentencing very closely for updates.

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