The last time we heard news about Bluefafce, he had cut ties with his protegé, Chrisean Rock. The pair began working together during the pandemic and she seemed to be his ride or die, and while they flaunted a relationship that blurred the lines of professional and personal, things came crashing down weeks ago after video footage surfaced showing Blueface and Wack 100 speaking with the police as they tried to get Chrisean permanently removed fro their property.

What followed was a back and forth of sorts as Wack called out the aspiring rapper and in turn, Chrisean defended herself. The public told her she should stop speaking about Blueface altogether and in response, she said she would cease mentioning him when they stopped sleeping together.

Meanwhile, Blueface and his girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis are in the holiday spirit with their little boy, Javaughn. Over on her Instagram, Jaidyn shared a video where she gave the rapper his early holiday gift: a positive pregnancy test. Blueface was excited by the news and seems ready for Baby No. 2 as he hugged and kissed Jaidyn. 

The rapper then asked his son if he knew what this all meant and explained that he would be getting a sibling. Javaughn made it clear that he has his fingers crossed for a little brother. Check out the family moment below.