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JAZ-O Recalls Giving JAY-Z the Gun He Used to Shoot His Brother

The relationship between JAY-Z and JAZ-O is well documented. During a visit to VLAD TV, Jaz pulled back the curtain on another moment in their history, noting he gave JAY-Z the gun that he used to shoot his older brother.

“Yeah, I can’t remember, but it was a shot to not fatally wound but just you know…to be honest, I don’t think he was aiming to really hit him, in his defense,” JAZ-O said. “And it was my gun. He didn’t have the gun so he could go and shoot his brother. It was a thing back then. You got some arms, you got guns or got a gun, that was a sign of brotherhood with the street.”

JAZ would state the gun wasn’t in a young Hov’s possession to shoot his brother, but sadly that’s what happened.

JAZ would add, “He ran to my crib because you bust a gun, I don’t care who you are, you get nervous. You get nervous and you need somewhere to run to, so I guess he was like, ‘Let me run over to this nigga’s house and drop this shit off for worst-case scenario’. So he came up there and dropped it off and everything.”

HipHopDX notes JAY-Z was just a 12-year-old at the time. You can hear the story from Hov’s point of view on “You Must Love Me.”

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