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Jazzy Jeff Says Will Smith ‘Should’ve Slapped Someone Sooner’

Jazzy Jeff finally addresses Will Smith’s Oscar slap and says Will “should’ve slapped someone sooner.”

Source: Momodu Mansaray / Getty

Will Smith’s Oscars slap fiasco is finally starting to slow down and everyone has almost run out of ways to make it about themselves. Recently the Oscars slap saga saw the Academy reveal that the actor has been banned for 10 years. Chris Rock has been tight-lipped about the whole ordeal but offered a small bit of information which is that he won’t talk until he is paid. This is fair game and makes sense but in this day and age not striking why the iron is hot can cost you.

DJ Jazzy Jeff is forever linked to the Will Smith brand because of The Fresh Prince and the NY Post is noting that he broke his silence.

“Don’t get it twisted that it was something he was proud of. It was a lapse in judgment, you know?” the songwriter began.” he continued, “I think the thing that I’ve realized is I don’t know too many people that has had the least amount of lapse of judgment than him.”

“I can name 50 times that [Will] should’ve smacked the sh*t out of somebody and he didn’t,” Jeff explained. “So for him to have a lapse in judgment, he’s human. And I think a lot of the criticism comes from the people who don’t think people like that are human.”

To be honest that is the fairest take anyone has given, from Will’s acceptance speech you can clearly tell things have built up inside of him.

Maybe slapping someone earlier and not at the Oscars would have taken a weight off his shoulders.

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