She has been linked to some of Hip Hop’s biggest stars, but Joie Chavis is looking for true love. Like many of her famous peers, Chavis remains private when it comes to her personal relationships. However, the world has been chatting about who she has been with, and most recently, she was photographed sharing affections with Diddy while yachting.

Of course, Chavis is also known for her ties to the fathers of her children, Bow Wowand Future. In the past, there were also rumors that Chavis had also been involved with Rob Kardashian and Trey Songz.

The dating pool must not be of Joie’s liking because she posted a message to her Instagram Story sharing she would like to find her person, but it hasn’t materialized the way she has hoped. 

“I’ve been through so much pain, and as terrified as I am, I wanna be in love again, she wrote. “I haven’t given up on that even though it seems nearly impossible to have someone in this generation. Single and dating is cool, but I’m really gonna stick to celibacy until the right one comes along. [praying hands emoji].”

She added that like the rest of the world, Muni Long’s hit single may have put her in a certain mood. “Ok maybe I just been listening to hrs & hrs too much but fr,” Chavis said. Check out her posts below.