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Bill Cosby Found Guilty, Civil Jury Awards $500K to Judith Huth

A jury in California decided that comedian, Bill Cosby is guilty of sexually assaulting Judith Huth, a then-teenage girl at the Playboy Mansion back in 1975.

On Tuesday, the jury came back with a verdict in the civil case against Cosby which found him liable and awarded Huth with the sum of $500,000 in damages. 

While no punitive compensation was awarded, 84-year-old Cosby, was served a major legal defeat. 

“We have always maintained that Judy Huth, Gloria Allred and their cohorts fabricated these false accusations, in order to force Mr. Cosby to finance their racist mission against successful and accomplished Black Men in America,” Cosby’s spokesperson said in a statement following the verdict. “Mr. Cosby continues to maintain his innocence and will vigorously fight these false accusations, so that he can get back to bringing the pursuit of happiness, joy and laughter to the world.”

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According to Variety, Huth, who is now 64 years-old accused Cosby of luring her and a friend to the Playboy Mansion a few days after meeting him in a park. She claimed that Cosby took her alone into a bedroom, pulled down his sweatpants and then grabbed her hand in order to masturbate himself, forcing her into a sexual act.

The is the first case to go to trial under the Child Victims Act, which protects adults who suffered abuse as children and come forward with their accounts years later.

Prosecutors say there won’t be criminal charges because the case is past the statute of limitations. Cosby maintains the allegations are false. 

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