Fans have been metabolizing all of the revelations Will Smith shared in his new memoir, and some have noted that there was almost a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air romance on set. The rapper-turned-actor’s television career was in its infancy when the now-classic series premiered in 1990 and it didn’t take long for audiences to fall in love with the Banks family.

It was near the end of the show’s run that Smith would begin dating wife Jada Pinkett Smith, but in his memoir Will, the actor reportedly stated that there was a time when he had a bit of a crush on his Fresh Prince co-star, Karyn Parsons.

Parsons portrayed Smith’s snooty, bougie cousin Hilary Banks on the series but off-screen, he wanted there to be more between them.

“She was smart enough to tell me ‘hell no’ when I tried to explain we were not really cousins, so it would be fine if we dated,” Smith reportedly wrote. “[I said], ‘I swear it won’t mess up our working relationship.’ She knew better than that – good call, K.P.”

Smith has been on his press tour for his memoir and much like his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law’s Red Table Talk, these news secrets of the Smith family are now coming from the actor, himself.