For years now, Kenny Smith, Shaq, and Charles Barkley have all had incredible chemistry on Inside The NBA. The TNT broadcast crew is considered to be the best in the business as far as basketball is concerned, and most of the time, they seem to all be one big family. Sometimes, however, things devolve as they get into disagreements over small things.

An example of this happened last night as Shaq was late to the broadcast because he was stuck in traffic. In the clip below, the show made fun of Shaq as they even offered a sneak peek at all of the cars that were in Shaq’s way. At the time, it seemed like it wasn’t a big deal, however, things changed once Shaq arrived at the studio.

In a second clip, posted below, Smith can be heard making fun of Shaq for being tardy. Shaq immediately took offense to it, and you could tell that he was not in a very good mood. In fact, Shaq threatened to hurt Smith if he continued talking, and it didn’t seem to be much of a joke.

“If you try to be funny on TV again I’m gonna show you funny. I’m gonna put these paws on you,” Shaq said.

The moment went fairly viral on social media, with many taking Smith’s side in the ordeal. Shaq has been known to be sensitive about things, and this was a prime example of that.