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Falcons receiving middling compensation in Matt Ryan trade illustrates new regime’s incompetence

The end of an era in Atlanta sports is here. First, Braves Country said goodbye to Freddie Freeman. Now, Falcons fans will say goodbye to Matt Ryan. The Colts are trading a third-rounder in exchange for Ryan, according to Tom Pelissero.

A third-round pick for Ryan just one offseason after the Colts traded a 2021 third-round pick and a 2022 conditional second-round pick for Carson Wentz — which turned into a first-rounder after Wentz played over 70% of Indianapolis’ snaps in 2021 — is almost laughable.

The fact is the Falcons backed themselves in a corner when they decided to pursue Deshaun Watson. Once Watson chose Cleveland over Atlanta, Terry Fontenot and company found themselves in a difficult situation. Matt Ryan requested out which forced the Falcons hand to trade him. After losing out on Watson, Ryan had all the leverage; the Falcons had none, and Indy capitalized.

Terry Fontenot got what he could for an aging quarterback, but make no mistake about it, the compensation is another wart on a regime that’s racked up a lot of them quickly since taking over the front office last offseason. This is one of the worst starts for a new regime I can remember, and fans have the right to give the Falcons brass no benefit of the doubt moving forward. Every action should be heavily scrutinized.



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