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MyPillow guy says he’s spent $25 million trying to prove Trump won the election Trump lost

It isn’t hard to believe that Lindell has spent a lot of money, but where exactly that money is being spent, and how much he has been able to pull in via “fundraising” for the big lie conspiracy theories that he has repeatedly lied about being able to prove, remains to be seen. He’s held website telethons that were spectacular failures where no proof of voter fraud was ever offered. One event even ended with 1980s-level telephone pranks.

During the summer, Lindell may or may not have spent a bit of money holding his cyber symposium ridiculosium, where he promised and then failed spectacularly to deliver the proof that thousands, tens of thousands, nay hundreds of thousands, nay millions of votes were digitally switched from Donald Trump to Joseph Biden by deep state hackers … and maybe the ghost of Hugo Chavez.

Which brings up the bulk of likely costs incurred by Lindell: lawyers. Lindell is being sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems and in turn is suing them back. So far, Dominion has been successful in getting the case against Lindell and his fellow quacks defendants to move forward. In turn, Lindell has claimed he is being persecuted financially as retailers and others, not wanting to be connected to the pillow preferred by fascists, have stopped selling the thing that makes him money.

Lindell told CNBC he estimates that he’s spent about $500,000 on his own lawyers so far, but he’s also spent other money helping fellow voter fraudsters like Colorado’s Tina Peters—the Republican county clerk who illegally compromised the security of voting machines in Mesa County. Peters is under investigation for turning off cameras and allowing someone with zero security clearance into a secure space in order to download Dominion software from a voting machine, both before and after an update was set to be installed.

The voting machines under Peters’ care have been put out of use, as they are no longer secure machines, and Peters has been banned by a judge from participating in any official capacity in the upcoming 2022 elections.

Lindell made sure to give CNBC the kind of fact-free conspiracy claims of evidence (that he is never able to produce) that we have come to expect from the MAGA crowd. He explained that he has spent a lot of his money on an effort to prove that Donald Trump won the 2020 election:

“We are in 44 states now. We’re doing canvassing efforts. I’ll give an example. In Florida, we canvassed 10,000 people’s names, and 2,600 of them were phantom voters,” Lindell told CNBC. “Phantom voter” is a term used to describe a ballot allegedly cast by a dead person.

Any proof of this? Nope. 

Is there proof that Mike Lindell filed a fake bankruptcy to protect his assets when his business was being sued in 2003? Yes. Yes, there is. Is there proof that Lindell agreed to a settlement over his MyPillow company’s false marketing claims? Yes, there’s evidence of that, too. Did Mike Lindell promote a fake therapeutic cure for COVID-19? Yup. Here’s that evidence.

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