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Lyrica Anderson, Eric Bellinger & Dice Soho First Artists To Release NFT Content Under New Riveting Nifter Partnership

Riveting Entertainment announced its partnership with Rebel Blockchain Inc aka Nifter to introduce a unique spin to the NFT space allowing the opportunity for buyers to see a return on their investment and become part royalty share owners of the music NFT they purchase.

In a new era of music, recording artists are taking more ownership, pioneering creative ideas, and marketing their personal material. Riveting Music, an independent record label under Riveting Entertainment, has been known for its work with artists like Redman and Chris Brown. 

They also announced their season one NFT launch, “Ethos” which is a community of independent recording artists brought on through Riveting Music’s deep rooted relationships.

The announcement described Ethos as “the story of the underdog winning and artists coming together to form a creative space and community of like minded individuals with a common goal.”

“Ethos” Season One “PreSale” Virtual Launch Party March 9th

Andrew Listermann, CEO of Riveting Entertainment shared with The Source.

“For a music NFT platform to be truly successful, it must prioritize supporting artists to help create the best opportunity for success. Nifter has shown they are ready to do that and so we are looking forward to releasing a lot of incredible music NFT projects with their platform.”  

The first artists from the roster to release NFT content under the new partnership include Lyrica Anderson, Lexi Drew, Nessly + Killy, Joss Austin, Dawin, Nieman + Eric Bellinger, and Dice Soho.

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