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Braves: Alex Anthopoulos has already created another connection to Seiya Suzuki

The Braves have already been mentioned as heavy suitors for the incredibly talented, former NPB baseball player, freshly posted to MLB, Seiya Suzuki. Now, the plot thickens, and there’s definitely a bit of tea leaf readings going on here, so hang with me.

Now hold up…what does acquiring a 34 year old right-handed reliever have to do with Suzuki? Actually, a lot. From 2016-2018, Jackson and Suzuki were teammates for the Hiroshima Carp and became quite close. When Jackson came back to the states to play, he had high praises for Suzuki! Here’s an excerpt from this article:

One of these evaluations may mean more than the others. Giants right-hander Jay Jackson was Suzuki’s teammate in Hiroshima from 2016-18. And he considers the athletic, right-handed striker a bona fide impact player.

“I feel like he has to get over here. He’s a great athlete, a great guy. He’s funny. His personality, I think, would translate well here. He’s a special guy.”

So…the day that Suzuki gets posted, the Braves, who have been said to be “strong” on him, employ his former teammate and friend? Yeah…read into it, because I am.



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