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Braves: Could Ronald Acuña be ready for Opening Day?

Just before the All-Star break, Ronald Acuña suffered a devastating knee injury that would cost him the rest of the season. Somehow, the Braves were able to dig out of the hole they were in and win the World Series, but it would have been much sweeter had the most electrifying player in all of baseball been a part of it. Typically, torn ACLs take about a year to recover from, but we’ve seen some incredibly quick recoveries over the years with athletes, some as short as just eight months, which means Ronald Acuña might be ready for Opening Day.

The Braves will rightfully take things slowly with him, so I would be shocked if he was out there for the first pitch of the season. However, all reports are that his rehab is going as smooth as possible.

The Braves official Twitter account also posted this yesterday, featuring a quote from Acuña himself.

On top of that, Alex Anthopoulos was asked about Acuña’s progress a week ago, and he did not count out a potential return on Opening Day.

The fact that we are even discussing this is pretty jaw-dropping, but should we really expect anything else? From the moment Acuña put on a Braves uniform, he’s done superhuman things on the field, so why would anything change in the rehab process? This guy isn’t like you or me; he’s built different, and I’m no longer counting out a potential return on Opening Day.



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