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Braves Report: Little progress in talks with Freeman since World Series is bad news

News broke today from David O’Brien of the Athletic that there has been “little progress in negotiations” between the Braves and Freddie Freeman since the World Series ended.

This is cause for some concern for Braves country if this is true. There were reports earlier that Freeman originally declined a reported offer of five-years and $135M that would have made him the highest paid first baseman in baseball. Freeman was rumored to be seeking somewhere closer to six-years, $200M earlier this offseason.

However, we learn from O’Brien that it appears talks between the Braves and Freeman have gone nowhere in recent weeks. This is certainly a concern as the Braves star first baseman is a free agent for the first time in his career.

It could mean nothing, most people believe Freeman will be playing for the Braves in 2022 and beyond. There is also the possibility that neither side is willing to make serious negotiations until after the new CBA is worked out.

Whatever the case, this is certainly not welcomed news for Braves fans on this Friday afternoon.



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