Did Miles Bridges surpass Anthony Edwards for dunk of the 365 days?
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Did Miles Bridges surpass Anthony Edwards for dunk of the 365 days?

The Hornets forward baptized Clint Capela — nonetheless is it the NBA’s dunk of the 365 days? Miles Bridges has been a gargantuan-time dunker since his excessive college days in Flint, Michigan. His prep mixtapes were the stuff of story five years ago, and he had diverse excessive-flying moments at Michigan Narrate all the method via his two years in college, as smartly.
Bridges has enjoyed a breakout marketing campaign this 365 days in his third NBA season, helping add a jolt of pleasure to a Charlotte Hornets crew that has been one of many league’s supreme surprises. Bridges has improved in diverse crucial areas this season, nonetheless he soundless has the ridiculous explosiveness that set him onto basketball radars years ago. He confirmed it in opposition to the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday with what will almost definitely be the league’s dunk of the 365 days.
Bridges unfurled a ferocious tomahawk hammer dunk on Clint Capela in the closing minutes in opposition to the Hawks. All the issues about here is magnificent.

MILES BRIDGES!!!!! pic.twitter.com/n5ujY5SXDs— Tas Melas (@TasMelas) April 11, 2021

The fact that Bridges did this in crunch-time of a conclude game in opposition to a crew that the Hornets strive and cease above in the standings makes it even extra spectacular. Charlotte is without their two simplest gamers, LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward, unswerving now, so this play wasn’t simply flashy — it was absolutely excessive.
My current second? Devonte’ Graham’s response: hands at the aid of his hand, excessive-stepping down the ground. He’s all of us.
Uncomfortable Capela had simply made a gargantuan defensive play to content Hornets guard Terry Rozier at the rim. Credit Capela for leaping with Bridges and now now not caring about any ability embarrassment. Sadly for him, Bridges received the war in the air.
Did Miles Bridges absorb the NBA dunk of the 365 days in 2021?
There are two other contenders, as far as I’m concerned. The predominant is from Timberwolves rookie and No. 1 overall draft take Anthony Edwards:

We furthermore must appoint Maurice Harkless cramming in all places the Pistons.

My Dunk of the 365 days vote goes to Anthony Edwards, nonetheless we’ll set it as a lot as a poll
That Edwards dunk will almost definitely be basically the most easy of the final …. 10 years, individually, nonetheless we’ll open it as a lot as the of us. Who dunked it simplest? Let us know.

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