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Potential trade targets for the Hawks: Malcolm Brogdon

Following a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, the Hawks have stumbled out of the gate, leading to a 17-20 record and a recent outburst from Travis Schlenk. If the team isn’t already at their boiling point, they are coming dangerously close, which could result in seismic changes as the trade deadline approaches.

I tend to think the Hawks will focus on retooling their roster around their core, but it is possible they could make a move for an All-Star caliber player if one of Travis Schlenk’s liking becomes available. A lot of it will depend on how the team shapes out over the next month. Several Hawks still have plenty of time to prove their worth to management, but regardless, I expect Atlanta to be one of the busier teams prior to the deadline.

In this series, I will begin profiling potential trade targets for the Hawks. There are a lot of competitive teams this season, so there won’t be a lot of true sellers, but there could also be some deals out there that are beneficial for both sides.

Malcolm Brogdon

I began this series with Brogdon because we know the Pacers could undergo a fire sale at the trade deadline, and he fills a need for the Hawks. At 6’5″, with above-average defensive ability, Brogdon should have no problem playing next to Trae Young in the starting lineup. When Young is off the floor, Brogdon can serve as the primary ball-handler, lessening the duties of Delon Wright and Lou Williams, who haven’t been all that productive this season.

Brogdon’s 31.1% mark from three-point range this season is a career-low, but a regression towards the mean should be in line. Over his career, he’s a 37.8% shooter from deep, and despite his poor shooting this season, his 44.6% mark from the field is more than respectable.

I liked Brogdon as a potential target for the Hawks when he was a free agent a couple of offseasons ago. It never came to fruition, but better late than never. He does a little bit of everything. He can score, defend, passes well, and even rebounds. But more than anything, a move like this would clear a logjam for the Hawks, which should be their top priority as the trade deadline approaches. There are numerous ways for the money to work, but Atlanta would surely have to part ways with some of their young talents or picks to acquire a player of Brogdon’s caliber.

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