Did Drake Diss Future On “More M’s?”

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Drake and Future’s musical relationship came to a crossroads following the release of We Don’t Trust You. Future’s latest album with Metro Boomin recently shook the rap game, separating them from their adversaries. Additionally, Kendrick Lamar’s show-stopping verse on “Like That” put “The Big Three” on notice with disses against Drake and J. Cole. Certain lyrics on We Don’t Trust You, including the album’s title, have prompted fans to look back into Drake and Future’s relationship. 

They specifically turned to Drake’s verse on “More M’s” from his 2022 collaborative album with 21 Savage. Drizzy took shots at an unnamed target on the Her Loss track, which many initially assumed to be The Weeknd. Some even alleged the lyrics were aimed towards Metro Boomin, who produced the track. We Don’t Trust You puts Drake’s “More M’s” verse in a brand new light, sparking fan theories that he was actually dissing Future. Today, we are revisiting the verse in the context of Drake and Future’s bubbling feud.

Unpacking Drake’s Verse On “More M’s”

The first shot that Drake sends on “More M’s” is quite cryptic. He raps, “Dissin’ on his album and it flopped, he deserved it.” While the line clearly aims at a fellow artist, it cannot be Future. In 2022, I Never Liked You debuted at No. 1 earlier that year. One cannot interpret it as a Pusha T diss, either, when It’s Almost Dry also secured a No. 1 chart position. Drake continues to take shots in the following lyric, rapping, “Come up out that booth and bring that energy in person.” 

Many assumed this lyric to be about Metro Boomin following their alleged discrepancies. However, it could be directed towards Future due to their subliminal exchanges. Next, Drake asks, “What happened to that n***a claiming OVO? We traded him.” Some understood this line as a dig at The Weeknd due to their early collaborations, but he never signed to OVO nor flopped. For those same reasons, it cannot be about Future. 

Drake May Have Dissed Future

drake future
ATLANTA, GA – AUGUST 27: Rapper Future and Drake attend the Summer Sixteen Concert Afterparty at The Mansion Elan on August 27, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Looking at the end of Drake’s “More M’s” verse, some lyrics may diss Future, given recent developments surrounding We Don’t Trust You and their reported beef. “N****s see my deal, look at they deal and now they hate the kid,” he raps in reference to artists envious of him for his lucrative record contracts. The line could be about the Future or speak more broadly to Drake’s competition. 

Continuing the sneak diss, he spits, “N****s ain’t got love for the boy, so they fake it. Crack a couple jokes to some b*tches on some snake sh*t / But if I send a verse to they ass, then they’ll take it. Shoot a video, arm around me like we aces or pop out at my shows, jump around with me on stages.” Drake and Future’s relationship dates back almost a decade, collaborating on music, touring the country, and shooting music videos together. The fake love referenced on “More M’s” points to a close collaborator, and Future could easily be the intended target. 

Drake’s last lyric ultimately points to his What a Time To Be Alive counterpart, considering fan theories about them reportedly beefing over a woman. He raps, “Might’ve f*cked a rapper, girl, but you ain’t f*cked Drake yet,” solidifying this theory. Ultimately, Drake has a storied history of subliminal disses, so these lyrics could be aimed in other directions. If they are, fans have yet to pick up on it.

Joe Budden Seems To Think So

Among fans with similar theories about Drake and Future’s reported beef is Joe Budden. In the latest episode of his podcast, Budden and his co-hosts delved into We Don’t Trust You, Kendrick Lamar’s “Like That” verse, and the Drake and Future beef. They specifically dissected the lyrics of Drake’s “More M’s” verse. Budden applied it to Future and speculated that they are indeed beefing over a woman. “They fighting over girls like all the rappers always have,” Budden said of the verse’s final line. “There’s only a few people he could be talking to,” his co-hosts also chimed in. 

Joe Budden connected “More M’s” to Drake’s “What Would Pluto Do” from For All the Dogs, hinting at an escalation of his reported “static” with Future. Budden also theorized Future’s “Everyday Hustle” as a diss track. Regardless of his current standing with Drake, Joe Budden fueled the rumors of “More M’s” being a jab at Future, finding it thoroughly entertaining. These theories may be speculative, but “More M’s” could be aimed toward Future, considering Drake’s affinity for subliminal disses.


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