‘Lucifer’ Musical Episode: Right here’s the One Music Producers Couldn’t Spend – and How Tom Ellis Solved the Impart

 ‘Lucifer’ Musical Episode: Right here’s the One Music Producers Couldn’t Spend – and How Tom Ellis Solved the Impart

(Warning: This post comprises spoilers by Episode 511 of “Lucifer.”)

After years of dreaming about it, the “Lucifer” group finally pulled off a musical episode all around the 2d half of of the drama’s fifth season, which launched Friday on Netflix. While the hour, titled “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam,” is dawdle to be an rapid hit with followers, TheWrap can narrate that one element of the episode did now not chase as at the commence deliberate — till star Tom Ellis came to the rescue.

“Lucifer” showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson told TheWrap that of the songs they picked for the musical episode, there was correct one they couldn’t get approval to make spend of: Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son,” which was intended to be the duet between Lucifer (Ellis) and his father, God (played by Dennis Haysbert).

“I’m so contented with the track we ended up with, due to it’s one of many things where the boundaries develop one thing truly better,” Henderson told us.

Modrovich, who wrote the episode, added: “I indicate, that continuously occurs, correct? While you happen to’re told probabilities are you’ll well perhaps’t halt one thing and you then chase, ‘Wait, what?’ After which you peek one thing else and it’s fancy, ‘Oh, it would smooth possess continuously been this vogue.’ It becomes what it’s miles and likewise probabilities are you’ll well perhaps’t imagine it any assorted design.”

What you ended up seeing Lucifer and God drawl collectively all over Episode 511 is “I Dreamed A Dream,” a classic ballad from the musical “Les Misérables.” That’s clearly a extremely assorted track from Stevens’ ’70s track, so how did they land on it?

“We first had ‘Father and Son’ by Cat Stevens in our heads for that remaining scene,” Modrovich acknowledged. “, I entirely admire him and his group, due to I mediate reasonably so much of folks feel this vogue about their tune, but it’s miles a track for thus many assorted folks and it evokes so many assorted things for of us, that you don’t possess to slim it to 1 image or skills. I mediate that that’s how he felt. I mediate he was fancy, ‘Behold, it’s the kind of track that speaks to so many folks. I extra or less possess to reduction it in that huge space of everybody pertains to it.’ So then we went after the ‘Les Mis’ track. I be aware Tom called me up and played it; he’d correct learned it on the guitar. I saved pondering, oh my God, there are so many followers who would freak out if Tom correct called them and obtained on the guitar for them. I cried the first time I heard him halt it. I used to be fancy, here’s the track. It correct became the one I necessary extra than one thing.”

Decrease to when Ellis wasn’t singing the track alone for Modrovich over the phone, but subsequent to Haysbert on location in personality as father and son, which Ellis acknowledged was one of essentially the most emotional moments of the gathering for him.

“That scene with Dennis at the cease — one thing I’d scream about tune and what tune design to me, and what singing design to me, is that it’s fancy a shortcut to emotion and a shortcut to stuff that’s there that will also now not reach out as without scream, had I now not been singing it,” Ellis told TheWrap. “It’s now not necessarily that it was within the words that we had been singing, but it was with out a doubt within the emotion that we had been singing. That evening we shot that scene, Dennis and I, the track correct truly fed into that. I be aware doing the rehearsal with Dennis that evening. Both of us had been correct a huge number. We had been both correct sobbing. And both as dads in proper existence, and with father-son relationships, there was so mighty that we also can draw on from our possess experiences. But additionally correct, you appreciate, my skills of working with Dennis on the divulge was, he had — and smooth has, due to we’re truly honest mates now — this extra or less paternal quality.”

So paternal, of route, that he also can possess fooled Ellis’ possess kinfolk.

“My elder sister, in proper existence, was visiting location that evening that we had been shooting,” Ellis acknowledged. “She came to me at the cease of the evening and was fancy, ‘That was fabulous. But you appreciate what’s on the overall bizarre? It feels Dennis is your dad.’ And I used to be fancy, ‘I do know, it’s truly bizarre, isn’t it?”

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