‘The Masked Singer’ Season 5: The Biggest Performances, Best Clues and Craziest Surprises of Week 4!

 ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 5: The Biggest Performances, Best Clues and Craziest Surprises of Week 4!

The Masked Singer is back for the fourth week of season 5 — and it’s bringing fans even more fun musical performances, wild costumes and frustratingly enticing clues! ET is following along throughout the entire hour-long episode on Wednesday to break down all the biggest moments.

Group B is returning to the stage tonight, meaning fans are getting the chance to see performances, and clue packages, from Grandpa Monster, The Black Swan, The Piglet and The Chameleon — as well as another mysterious new wildcard character who is yet to be revealed!

Meanwhile, America’s favorite panel of celebrity “detectives” — Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy — will try their best to guess the singers’ secret identities, as viewers at home keep their eyes peeled for all the smallest and most revealing clues.

The fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, and you can watch and follow along as we delve into the glorious madness and bizarre, captivating chaos that is The Masked Singer season 5!

And the Star Is…

6:01 PM: … Logan Paul! Nicole was so close!

“Oh my god!” Nicole yells. “I cannot believe that!”

“You were so fun to watch, you were so talented,” Jenny says. “We’re so sad to see you go home!”

“I’m sad too,” Logan says. “Singing is so scary for me, and being in this costume, ironically, you feel so free in here. It was a lot of fun.”

“But I’m gonna be honest guys, I never stood a chance,” Logan adds with a laugh, before throwing his support behind The Black Swan, adding, “I want her to win! She’s very good.”

This means The Crab, The Black Swan, The Piglet and The Chameleon will be going on to the next round — where they will be facing yet ANOTHER wildcard! (Presumably! Because there are four wildcard characters, apparently.)

First Impressions and Final Guesses

5:59 PM: Robin’s First Impression: Johnny Manziel
Robin’s Final Guess: Johnny Manziel

Jenny’s First Impression: Morgan Freeman
Jenny’s Final Guess: The Miz

Ken’s First Impression: Emmitt Smith
Ken’s Final Guess: Kevin Hart

Nicole’s First Impression: Cam Newton
Nicole’s Final Guess: Jake Paul

And the Contestant Going Home Is…

5:57 PM: …Grandpa Monster!

I’m actually pretty surprised. I thought his Joan Jett performance was a bit more fun than The Chameleon’s number.

Grandpa Monster seems pretty upset by it as well, as he drops to his knees in dismayed shock.

Get Out The Vote

5:53 PM: Now it’s time for the audience and panel to vote, and this is the first time this season where I think the vote could be close. The Crab, The Black Swan and The Piglet are almost for sure staying. I think the elimination comes down to The Chameleon or Grandpa Monster.

Although we won’t know until after the commercial break, of course. Like always!

The Crab Croons a Classic

5:53 PM: While The Crab says he’s letting the light back in, his soulful song choice is an emotional powerhouse of gritty vocals and pained longing — and it’s absolutely stunning.

With some haunting gravitas, The Crab delivers a stunning performance of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” that brings chills and tears.

“That was a beautiful performance,” Niecy shares.

“I don’t know who you are, but I just felt like I knew you from you singing your heart out in that song,” Nicole says.

“This is the wildcard we needed,” Jenny adds. “Someone to pull the heartstrings… we’re blessed to have you.”

Bonus Clue:

The Crab also reveals his childhood crush and it turns out to be Janet Jackson.

The Crab says, “We grew up together on good times.”

Panelists’ Guesses:

Ken thinks it could be Bobby Brown.

Robin says it might be a different member of New Edition — Johnny Gill.

The Crab — FIRST CLUES!!

5:48 PM: The Crab:

– The clue package takes place in underwater ancient ruins.

– Says, “All my life I dreamed of being a star, and I was blessed that my dream came true in a flash!

– We see a school of fish swim by as a transition between scenes.

– Says, “Everyone around the globe wanted to be like me. I felt like a King Crab.

– Says, “But it seems with every blessing, tragedy seems to follow. Its been a struggle dealing with the darkness that has followed me and my family.

– Says, “We’ve endured so many twists, turns and traumas. But through the pain, it’s the love of my family that gives me the strength to stand back up and be a star again.”

– We see him getting his claws taped up, sort of like a boxer getting his knuckles or gloves wrapped.

– There’s a calculator with 2+3 typed into it.

– We see a framed Mona Lisa on the sea floor.

– Says, “My song tonight is a tribute to that love, and the family members who have gone before me,” as we see photos of The Bee from Season 1 (Gladys Knight) and The Butterfly from Season 2 (Michelle Williams).

– Says, “Because after all the darkness, it’s time to finally let the light back in.”

The Wildcard Is Here!

5:47 PM: After all the claw clues and eye-stalk images, I figured it had to be a lobster! And I was close… it turns out the wildcard is The Crab!

In all honesty, this costume is next-level epic. I love everything about this.

The Chameleon is Asking Some Big Questions

5:41 PM: For The Chameleon’s number, he’s got a whole magic fortune telling theme that is easily the coolest set design of the entire episode.

He sticks to his vocal comfort zone with a performance of “21 Questions” by 50 Cent, featuring Nate Dogg, but he’s got a real stage presence that’s fairly fun.

“Chameleon is the coolest,” Nicole shares.

Niecy asks, “Did we used to date back in the day,” and The Chameleon flirts back, prompting Niecy to announce she knows who it is.

Bonus Clue:

As for The Chameleon’s childhood crush, it seems he used to have a thing for Salma Hayek.

“I have a thing for hot ladies, and this chick right here, she’s smoking,” he explains.

Panelists’ Guesses:

Ken says Iman Shumpert.

Nicole suggests it could be Dwyane Wade.

Jenny thinks it’s 2 Chainz.

Niecy adds, “Chameleon, I still think I know who you are for other reasons.”

The Chameleon — NEW CLUES!!

5:37 PM: The Chameleon:

– Says, “I knew if I was going to hold my own against these powerhouse singers, I couldn’t just blend in. I had to stand out, and let my flow shine.”

– Says, “My whole life has been about embracing what makes me unique. And I made it my quest to help others shine too.”

– We see a block of swiss cheese and a graduation cap on a stool.

– We she a shot of a yellow toy taxi cab with drawings of peaches on the doors.

– Says, “When I was young, someone inseparable from me was constantly attacked for who she was. It was hard to witness but I helped lift her up, until she ultimately learned to embrace what made her unique.

– We see a painted portrait of a chameleon and a dress form with a fabric ruler draped over it in the background.

– We see a sign with the word “Bonjour” written in cursive.

– Says, “But then, tragedy struck,” and we see a halo appear over the framed drawing of a chameleon. “She was taken from me. I think it was the most difficult thing I ever faced.

– Says, “Now, I honor her memory by fighting for those who don’t feel accepted,” as he hold up a rainbow-paint-covered brush and splatters colors against a white wall.

– Says, “I want everyone to feel proud showing their true colors.”

Niecy Calls Out the Panelists’ Crushes

5:32 PM: Since this week’s clues all have to do with the contests’ first celeb crushes, Niecy turned things around on the judges and called them out on their crushes.

The first images she put up on the big screen were some childhood photos of Nicole and Jonathan Knight of NKOTB.

“I had New Kids On the Block all over my walls,” Nicole recalled. “I really believed we could be together. But, we cannot.”

As for Ken, his first crush was Winona Ryder, and they revealed an adorably nerdy childhood photo of Ken in the process.

The Black Swan Bleeds for Music

5:30 PM: The Black Swan is starting her number high in the sky — specifically she’s lowered from the ceiling on a bar suspended in the air, and she’s got an instant elegant grace that radiates out of her posture and undeniable presence.

She’s got such an incredibly rich, layered voice, which is on full display in her performance of “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes. The Black Swan is clearly a professional singer, but it’s so hard to put a finger on who she could be.

Her deep and textured voice has the maturity of an iconic diva songstress, but the soft vulnerability of a young, contemporary soul/pop star.

“Out of all the singers, it seems like you have the strongest spirit. Like, you want to win, but you something else,” Ken shares after the song. “Whether it’s redemption, whether it’s to prove yourself, there’s something driving you that is beyond this competition. You did a great job.”

Bonus Clue:

The Black Swan’s first childhood celeb crush is the singer D’Angelo!

“His voice, his talent, he plays like every instrument, he’s just the one for me,” The Black Swan explains.

“I love any girl who loves a half-naked black man. So that’s wonderful,” Niecy adds with a laugh.

Panelists’ Guesses:

Nicole thinks it could be Demi Lovato, and Jenny agrees.

Ken guesses Lindsay Lohan, and then admits he sounds like an idiot and promises to Venmo the Jar of Shame. Weirdly, Niecy feels his guess actually makes sense in a way. I guess, by Ken’s standards, this is better than most of his guesses.

Robin thinks suggests it’s Ashlee Simpson.

The Black Swan — NEW CLUES!!

5:25 PM: – Says, “I might have seemed confident last time, but honestly I was terrified. So hearing all that love from the panel felt amazing.”

– Says, “It made me want to put into words how thankful I am to the person who gave me life, and the confidence to start this journey.”

– We see Black Swan in a fancy library/study, writing at a desk with a feather pen.

– Says of the person she’s thankful for, “It hasn’t always been an easy road for us. The higher I flew, the harder it became for them them to keep up.”

– We see an animation of a black swan and a white swan on a set of scales.

– Says, “I saw their heart breaking, so I had to let them go, and it was the hardest decision in my life. In time, I realized I was only able to soar because of the wings they gave me.”

– She’s sitting next to a globe on her desk.

– On her desk is a giant nickel and a giant penny. In an animation, the penny turns into the white swan and the nickel turns into the black swan.

– Says, “Eventually we were able to fly back into each other’s lives, like birds of a feather do. I’m thankful we never gave up on each other and I hope this performance shows just how much they mean to me.”

The Piglet Is Enjoying Life

5:20 PM: For his life-affirming number, The Piglet is having a great time dancing with carnival barkers in Mardi Gras-style masks in what appears to be a fairgrounds setting.

The porcine crooner belts out the fun tune “Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)” by Andy Grammer, and he’s got the judges on their feet and dancing as he masterfully controls the stage with his fun energy and charisma.

“No only are you so entertaining, but your voice is fire!” Jenny says. “I love everything about you!”

Bonus Clue:

The Piglet’s childhood crush — as seen on the poster on his childhood bedroom wall which the show says they ripped off his old home — is Meg Ryan!

“Look, I’m a romantic, she’s the queen of romcoms! It’s a match made in heaven,” The Piglet explains.

Panelists’ Guesses:

Ken thinks it could be JC Chasez.

Nicole says Austin Mahone.

Jenny thinks it could be Jordan or Jonathan Knight.

The Piglet — New Clues!!

5:15 PM: The Piglet:

– Says, “Making my debut on this stage with four-days’ notice was a wild ride. But I channeled my nervous energy with a love song that made me feel right at home.”

– His clue package takes place in a football locker room with orange, blue and red lockers.

– He’s holding a football.

– Says, “When you’ve got your eye on the prize, no pain, no tears and no arch-nemesis can stand in your way.”

– He’s next to a white board that reads “Don’t be a ball hog!” and “3528 Rushing In./Game.”

– We see him polishing a knight in shining armor.

– Says, “It was my competitive nature that made me a home town hero. But when I got into the big leagues, I never anticipated a lifetime of competition with my archrivals.”

– He’s playing football against a guy in a helmet with a horse logo and a lone-star logo.

– Says, “That only made me train harder, because I never throw in the towel.”

– Says, “When those lights come on, it’s Friday night all over again. Even on a Wednesdays. Clear eyes, full belly, can’t lose.”

Cluedle-Doo’s Big Clue

5:13 PM: The rooster clue-master has the “hot gossip on the bacon,” meaning The Piglet, and the “beef” between him and Grandpa Monster.

Cluedle-Doo says, “Word on the street is, this isn’t the first fight Grandpa Monster has picked.”

Grandpa Monster Has a Bad Reputation

5:08 PM: Grandpa Monsters isn’t here to make friends! The furry orange beast kicks off his set by ripping up a photo of The Piget and dancing around a trailer park set, complete with giant pink flamingo lawn ornaments.

It only makes sense that he’s singing a rocking rendition o f “Bad Reputation by Joan Jet, considering his monstrous destruction on the stage and how he’s chasing around his backup dancers.

He’s throwing sticks of fake dynamite, kicking over lawn chairs, kicking cameras, and the number ends with him pressing the plunger on a TNT detonator and blowing up the set (in CGI, but still).

“Wow, you ripped it, man!” Robin says. “You keep picking those kinds of songs… and you could go all the way!”

Bonus Clue:

I guess this week, they’ve decided to do things differently for Group B than they did for Group A. Instead of a self-portrait, they are revealing a photo of who the contestant’s first celebrity crush was.

Evidently, Grandpa Monster had a crush on Dwayne Johnson. The Monster explains, “I like Dwayne Johnson, because his muscles are huge, his head is shiny and he’s a star, in the ring and on the screen.”

Panelists’ Guesses:

Ken thinks it’s Kevin Hart

Robin thinks it could be Jack Black.

Nicole suggests Conor McGregor OR Jake Paul.

Once again, Grandpa Monster walks off the stage in anger at the guesses.

Grandpa Monster — NEW CLUES!!

5:04 PM: Grandpa Monster:

– Says, “I’ve always hated the sound of my singing voice, but being grandpa monster, it’s given me a new kind of confidence.”

– Says, “I haven’t felt this free since the time I stranded myself in the wild. Cast away, just to see if I could survive.”

– Grandpa Monster is in a forest by a lake. There’s a Santa hat.

– We see a framed photo of a man in a suit doing the splits.

– He’s holding a compass that only points West.

– Says, “Left without food or even shelter, I was terrified. There were wild creatures everywhere. It definitely was a challenges, but I made it out by the skin of my three teeth.”

– He’s joined by a dog — specifically, a boxer.

– As he walks through the forest, there’s a toy yellow muscle car sitting on a log.

– Says, “I know there’s stiff competition, but I’ve traveled the world and sold out arenas. Not even that pesky piglet can stand in my way. Because when I talk the talk, I walk the walk, baby!”

– He sets a pair of headphones down on a tree stump.

Niecy Still Looks Great

5:02 PM: This week, she’s rocking the same fantastic white lace number that she had on in the last episode (because of how they shoot this show) and she still looks fantastic.

Also, there’s no guest panelist this week, so we’re going back to basics with the fantastic four!

A New Wildcard in Town

5:00 PM: This week, we’re going to meet the new Wildcard contestant, and the entire intro is teasing their participation.

It’s almost certainly a lobster. We get a lot of sand castle clues. And we see a claw? Who knows if they can sing, though.

In the meantime, if you’re trying to crack the mystery of the costumed contestants like the rest of America, check out our running list of spoilers, hints and best guesses, where we break down all the clue packages and make wild (surprisingly accurate) predictions about the singers’ secret identities.

Check out the video below to hear more about the wild and unexpected unmaskings that have already rocked the fifth season of The Masked Singer.

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