Ben Affleck isn’t one to hold a grudge. While announcing the Golden Globes nominations last month, “Gin N Juice” rapper Snoop Dogg accidentally mispronounced the Batman star’s name, but during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Affleck confirmed that he’s not upset about the mistake.

As the New York Post reports, Uncle Snoop read the California-born star’s name as “Been Afflay,” but when he realized his mistake he said, “my fault, sorry, Ben Affleck, sorry for that, Ben!”

“He did get the emphasis a little off, yes,” Affleck joked to Clarkson on her talk show. “It’s funny because I always grew up and I thought, like, ‘Affleck? What an incredibly ugly name.’ Now it sounds like the duck commercial,” the 49-year-old added, referring to Aflac insurance.

The father of three then recalled a memory from his childhood – listening to his parents take extra care when spelling their names out on the telephone, specifically clarifying that they were saying “F as in Frank.”

“I was always like, ‘Why did they always do that?’ And I realized as I started looking through the mail we would get and it would always be like, ‘Mr. and Mrs. A-S-S-L-I-C-K,'” the Argo actor explained.

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images

Affleck’s wasn’t the only name that Snoop flubbed. When listing off the nominees for Best Director, Motion Picture, he called Dune director Denis Villeneuve “Denis Villain Uawver,” and when naming Belfast star Ciarán Hinds he also stumbled, saying, “Ca-ron, no sorry, Karen Hinds – work with me now!”

Check out a clip of Ben Affleck’s appearance on The Kelly Clarkson show below.