JAY-Z Trends On Twitter After African-Themed ‘Ascension’ Album Tracklist Surfaces

 JAY-Z Trends On Twitter After African-Themed ‘Ascension’ Album Tracklist Surfaces

JAY-Z became a trending Twitter topic on Thursday (April 1) after a tracklist for a mythical album called Ascension started making the rounds. Considering it’s April Fool’s Day, people were quick to chalk up the potential album up to another well-timed prank. After all, JAY-Z, Roc Nation, Beyoncé nor anyone else associated with the Hip Hop mogul has confirmed any such project exists.

The rumor appears to have originated from Hov’s African fans who have a very ambitious album planned for the Grammy Award-winning rapper. The purported tracklist features 16 songs and guest contributions from H.E.R., Beyoncé, Rick Ross and several of the most prominent artists in Africa, including Femi Kuti, Olamide and Nasty C.

News outlets in the United States haven’t picked up the story, but a couple of African sites have.

NotJustOK went as far to report Ascension will only be exclusively available via TIDAL in its opening week and include an alleged statement from JAY-Z that reads: “I’ve always wanted to get in touch with my roots and connect to the motherland. You know, Africa is blessed with so much talent and I felt like it was time to tap into that resource.

“The Ascension is not just talking or focusing on Africa but it’s also about me giving back to the people, familiarizing with the culture and connecting more with the motherland.”

But they cleverly added at the end, “Happy April Fool’s Day.”

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