Although Amazon head honcho Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, that still does not shield him from the jokes made by Twitter’s finest trolls. After having to defend his body image from steroid accusations earlier this week, Bezos gave his critics more ammunition with a New Year’s post on Instagram.

After partying with former NFL legend Tony Gonzalez and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez in the Caribbean for the holidays, Bezos posted a group of photos from the trip. In the first picture used, he is seen wearing goofy heart sunglasses and abnormally tight fitting clothes: “We had so much fun last night celebrating with a crazy disco party with family, but the new year is also a great time to take stock and focus on personal growth, renewal, rebirth, and paying careful attention to each moment of your life. The good and the bad. All of it. Celebrate and grow.”

Although it seems like he and his boo are on good terms after she was accused of drooling over Leonardo DiCaprio recently, Bezos’ detractors on Twitter still hold resentment. As soon as the photo of Bezos in his peculiar fit hit Twitter, the jokes poured in.

Whether it be him resembling Howie Mandel, Lex Luthor, Morpheus, Pitbull and Paul Shaffer, or just looking like a divorced old guy, which he is, Bezos was getting roasted left and right. Check out some of the funniest memes about his look below.