“Ambition for Cash” has been hot on TikTok for a while now. The song is a hit off of Key Glock’s recent album Yellow Tape 2 and comes at a time when Key Glock has been mourning the tragic loss of his cousin, Young Dolph.

After a show in Los Angeles, Glock met with Tej Patel, the creator behind the TikTok trend. In a video of the interaction, a grinning Patel boasts to Glock that even “Kim Kardashian popped out with it… her first video on TikTok.” He continued by saying, “You gotta go crazy. I want it to go platinum.”

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Glock then responds with a simple: “We’re going platinum. Ain’t gotta worry about that.”

The interaction ends with Patel thanking Glock for having him out to the show, and Glock saying, “You show love, we show love back.”

In the video, Key Glock wears a chain with a dolphin, presumably in reference to his cousin who has passed away.

In Patel’s original TikTok video, he shows off his photography as Glock’s “Ambition for Cash” plays in the background, all after having been prompted by the voice-over “So you’re an artist?”

The Kim TikTok referenced by Patel shows her makeup team with the voice-over “So you’re an artist?” followed by a glamour shot of Kardashian. The trend has definitely done wonders for Key Glock’s hit, and is certain to be a key factor if the song does indeed go platinum.

Check out the video of Glock and Patel below.