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Keyshia Cole Shares New Year Regimen With Fans

Recently, Keyshia Cole was in the media for a back and forth between her and singer/songwriter Muni Long, popular for the viral single “Hrs and Hrs.”

Cole claimed that Long gave away a song to another artist when initially it was meant for her. Both women addressed the situation on their social media handles when Long stated that she loved Keyshia Cole and did not mean to hurt her.

“She said she was gon retire. So how we supposed to know what that really means? She didn’t hit up none of us and tell us you know, ‘Hey I know I’m saying I’m retiring but you know let’s hold these songs.’ She said she was scrapping the project, and it’s no disrespect like no tea no shade, I love Keyshia. I don’t play like that, if it’s for an artist, it’s for an artist,” she stated.

This all comes at a time where Cole is gearing up to release her next album. The singer announced plans to retire in March of 2022 after the release of her eighth anticipated studio album. In an effort to become more focused, the “Heaven Sent” singer shares her New Year regimen with fans on social media.

“No alcohol. No d*ck. No smoking,” she stated. “And trying to drink a liter of water a day. Oh and take my vitamins everyday. Oh while maintaining no attitude.”

Do you think you could keep up with Keyshia Cole’s regimen?

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