Usually, when a white person angrily calls someone the n-word, there are repercussions. Country star Morgan Wallen found himself embroiled in a scadal after a video showing him spouting the racial slur was passed around social media, but Wallen has been thriving. His music sales reportedly skyrocketed as his fans stood beside him through the controversy, and later, Lil Durk collaborated with Wallen on their single, “Broadway Girls.”

Hip Hop fans were puzzled as to why Durk would lend his talents to a track with Wallen and now that “Broadway Girls” is topping Rap charts, the country singer has expressed interest in working with Kendrick Lamar. Durk seems to co-sign the two artists joining together in the studio.

TMZ caught up with Durk briefly and asked him about Wallen. “My boy,” said the rapper. “He ain’t no racist. That’s my boy. We had a long talk. He had his public situation… I vouch for him and he good.” When asked if Kendrick should work with Wallen, Durk answered, “Fa sho.” The Chicago icon suggested that because he spoke with Wallen, he’s given him a pass and seal of approval.

Watch Lil Durk discuss his controversial collaborator below.