Both Brandy and Cam’ron have dabbled in various aspects of the entertainment industry, but most recently, these two have appeared together on the ABC series, Queens. Brandy portrays the character of Naomi, also known as Xplicit Lyrics, a woman who was once a part of an all-women Hip Hop group that disbanded but is looking to reunite for another chance in the spotlight.

The Dipset icon tackles the character of Naomi’s ex-boyfriend who re-enters her life, but behind the scenes, Cam’ron has been sharing bits of his interactions with the R&B star.

We’ve reported on these two cracking jokes and posting backstage skits, and during her recent interview with Essence, Brandy was questioned about whether or not she and Cam’ron would one day collaborate in the studio together. She didn’t directly answer the question, but it seems she just got sidetracked while bragging about her co-star’s talents.

“I was so thankful for him to come and be a part of the show because all those skits that we did, that’s him. That’s his mind,” said Brandy. “He’s such a comedian and editing, he edited everything. And I just went along with it. He was the director and I was the actress, and it was just great.”

“And you know, chemistry is something that, it’s just, it’s supernatural,” she continued. “You can’t force it, you can’t teach it, and we just had a great chemistry. I had a really great time working with him and I think he should do more acting. He’s so good.”