Anything can happen at a party where guestlists are stacked with the rich, wealthy, and/or famous, but no one expected to see this viral moment. Last night (November 15), Wyclef Jean joined a few other partying elites for the Range Rover Leadership Summit. According to TMZ, the event only lasts for one day and involves “bigwigs from Jaguar Land Rover North America” as they come together for seminars, speeches, boastful news of their money-making success, as well as teasing new products.

Of course, this summit also has parties and special guests, including The Fugees icon who was reportedly hired to perform. However, things took a turn when CEO and President Joe Eberhardt began riding on Wyclef’s shoulders.

Craig Barritt / Stringer / Getty Images

There was a point in this wild evening when Wyclef was spinning Eberhardt on his shoulders before an unfortunate accident occurred. In a clip shared by TMZ, people surrounded the pair and filmed the scene but Wyclef lost his balance and sent Everhardt tumbling. That was a kind way of saying the CEO went face-first into the ground.

Wyclef landed on top of Eberhardt but quickly rushed to aid, among others. Eberhardt seemed stunned for a moment as people helped hold him up and it’s reported that he decided to leave the festivities early. The partygoers, however, kept dancing the night away. 

Watch the moment below.