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Group of Georgia GOP actually wanted to honor insurrectionists in Capitol attack

“It will go a long way into encouraging unity among Cobb Republicans,” Shepherd said.


What I find interesting about Shepherd’s take is that even in defending cancellation of the insulting event, he didn’t outright condemn the actions of those who many have accused of committing treason. Officer Brian Sicknick was dead on Jan. 7, 2021 following the attack. There was no mention of him in Shepherd’s AJC interview, nor was there any mention of the more than a dozen other police officers who were injured in the Capitol riot. Cobb GOP Chair Salleigh Grubbs defended the canceled event as a means to honor people who suffered a “miscarriage of justice.”

State Rep. Teri Anulewicz more accurately described the event as an “homage to treason,” according to the AJC.

A person who actually deserves a ceremony in his honor, Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, got no such recognition from the Georgia Republican group. Goodman, a Black man, used himself as bait for an angry mob on that dreaded day in U.S. history. At one point in footage of the officer’s heroic efforts, the lead terrorist wearing a QAnon T-shirt over a gray sweatshirt looked over his right shoulder toward the entrance to the Senate before continuing to follow Goodman in the opposite direction, HuffPost reporter Igor Bobic said in a tweet. 

Bobic told Good Morning America Thursday he was covering what is normally a routine procedural step of Congress certifying electoral votes from the presidential election when he heard “a commotion” and “yelling.” Bobic continued: “And I ran downstairs to the first floor of the Senate building, where I encountered this lone police officer courageously making a stand against the mob of 20 or so Trump supporters who breached the capitol itself and were trying to get upstairs.”

Goodman didn’t pull his gun out, and he wasn’t wearing tactical gear. Still, he shoved the mob leader to bait him and ran to grab a baton, Bobic’s video showed. Members of the mob chased Goodman at times and paused to yell at others. “They were yelling ‘Traitors. We want justice. This is our America. If we don’t stop this now, we won’t get justice. Trump won,’” Bobic told Good Morning America.

Because of Goodman’s actions, the group wasn’t successful in its efforts. 

Who are some other heroes of that horrific day one year ago?

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