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Fake News NBC Releases Statement on Reporter Arrested for Running Red Light While Stalking Rittenhouse Jury Bus

On Thursday morning the Kenosha Judge overseeing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial banned MSNBC From the trial AND the courthouse…


TRENDING: UPDATE WITH VIDEO: MSNBC BANNED FROM RITTENHOUSE TRIAL AND COURTHOUSE! Reporter Taken Into Custody – Was Following, Stalking Jury Bus and Ran Red Light!!

Judge: “I have instructed that no one from MSNBC will be allowed into this building for the duration of the trial.”

The Kenosha Police Department announced this morning that they took a suspect into custody last night.

The person was working for a national media outlet and was suspected of trying to photograph jurors.

The reporter’s name is James Morrison and the NBC producer is named Irene Byon.

Irene is deleting her comments — She just deleted her account.
She allegedly instructed Morrisson to follow the jury bus!

But Twitter user CrabCrawler1 saved screengrabs

MSBNC released a statement this morning — CNN hack Brian Stelter posted their comments.

MSNBC contends their journalist “never contacted or intended to contact the jurors.”

But that is not what the police reports said.
What a horrible fake news organization.


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