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Unvaxxed father of 11 dies of COVID. You can’t make up what happened next

We begin with the usual crap. 

Overall survival rate is 97%? Why, that’s so high! That means that only … 240 million people would die! Read that aloud and let it sink in. Why would anyone try and mitigate and stop a pandemic that would kill a quarter-billion people? 

Also, no one is giving any immigrants EBT cards. Not that immigration has anything to do with taking COVID seriously, of course. You can’t be like “ZOMG ILLEGALS ARE INFECTED WITH COVID” and then be like “COVID is no big deal, why’s everyone trippin’?”


Imagine crying about “cancel culture” in the same sentence you are trying to cancel discussion on our nation’s legacy on race. 


Some guy did his own research, and got the most ironclad source possible: some guy in India. 

Seriously, the weirdest part of the wingnut reaction to COVID has been their allegiance to crackpot medications and supplements while ignoring the stuff that actually works. 


Yeah, Florida doesn’t have a border with Mexico. 

But you know which state does? California. And we’ve managed to keep our per capita death rate low, 37th in the US, despite having some of the most dense urban areas in the country. 

Florida is 17th, and we know they undercount. Look at the top 10 highest death-toll states

1. Mississippi

2. Arizona

3. Alabama

4. New Jersey

5. Louisiana

6. New York

7. Arkansas

8. Tennessee

9. West Virginia

10. Massachusetts 

New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts all got walloped in early 2020 when we had no idea how to mitigate the spread of the disease, or how to best treat it. They never should have been dethroned from the top of this list, yet Republican-led states have studiously worked hard to worm their way up the rankings, and now dominate the top. And it won’t be long before Georgia displaces Massachusetts at No. 10 on this list. 


The random unnamed doctor in India was a great source, but it never hurts to get back-up from someone at “Toxicology Support Services, LLC.” 


He did have a smart friend! Even linked to the fact check that rated that kook “false.” It would’ve been too much for him to consider the new information. We all know he didn’t click through to read it. And by “watching the results,” he meant seeing memes on Facebook claiming the vaccinated were dying in droves.

Once they’re in that bubble, not much will dislodge them.  


Candace Owens is the COVID angel of death. 

Tucker Carlson has blood on his hands. 

Neither of these psychopaths gives a rat’s ass. They’ve got a good grift going. So what if it kills thousands of their own fans? 


Oh, my. Where to even start?

We need the return of Christ so that something-something Constitution. 

We live under despotic, dictatorial rule because Joe Biden won an election. 

The press something-something, even though he has Tucker Carlson to launder reality for him. 


Well, not a week after crying about the “tyranny” of having to wear a mask, there he is. On a ventilator. 

Luckily, God got a heads-up, so no surprises there. She was like, “Duh, he wasn’t vaccinated!”


This guy was 69, looks like, so these “children” are grown up. He didn’t leave 11 orphans, so at least there’s that. But now his wife needs a house, and supposedly this town is supposed to pony up. For a house. A new house. 


Eleven kids. Maybe they can get together to hook up mom with a new house? Or, given that she presumably lives alone and is an empty-nester, maybe she can rent a place? None of them have a spare room in their house? 

Instead, they launch a GoFundMe to build a new house, and expect others to provide the cash. 

Juxtaposing that with the anti-immigrant rhetoric and lies (EBT cards!) above, this is particularly galling. Those immigrants are making the dangerous crossing out of a desperate desire to provide for their families. And these assholes shit on that. But hell, everyone please give Mom your cash, because we shouldn’t have to provide for her!  


Dad passed away “unexpectedly,” because no one saw this pandemic coming, or educated people on how to best avoid getting sick. Hell, the second he started posting Candace Owens, that should’ve been ample warning of his coming fate. Heck, let’s just pretend it wasn’t even COVID, why don’t we? 

More from the GoFundMe:

The house our parents have owned for 30 years, was built in the 40’s is not in good shape. As we were all very thankful for the roof over our heads growing up, and happy memories that were made in this house – it is not suitable for another winter with added stress onto our widowed mother. She depended on our dad to keep the house warm, and she can not do it without him.

“He … would have done absolutely anything for anyone of his kids, his wife.” 

Except vaccinate. Or provide a livable house for her, and them.

“He didn’t have loose ends to tie with anyone.” 

Well, except for having life insurance or savings to provide for his wife in case something happened to him. He was 69, they should’ve been planning for disaster even if COVID wasn’t ravaging the country. Or making sure his wife could continue to live in their house if he passed.

Why does their lack of good planning or even self-care mean everyone else has to shoulder the financial burden of the consequences? Isn’t this their argument against socialism, or, when they are particularly hysterical, communism? Where are those bootstraps they’re telling everyone else to pull up? 

A commenter on Reddit dug in deeper:

There’s a tiktok on one of the kids page with pictures of the house….it is literally crumbling. Walls separating from the floor, drywall caved in and newspaper stuffed in the hole, 2x4s nailed up randomly to support (I assume) caving ceilings and walls. Some of the pictures of them as kids show the house in similar condition, with blankets acting as “partitions”

So this man who would’ve done “absolutely anything” for his family never bothered to fix this house up over decades of living there? He was too busy posting Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson memes and railing against immigrants on a distant border (they live in Maine!) to do basic maintenance on his house? 

I just checked the fundraiser, and the number is at just under $4,500 after six days. It doesn’t look like “dad died of COVID undefined something that no one could’ve foreseen, so build my mom a new house” is proving a particularly compelling pitch. That they would even try is mind-blowingly tone-deaf. 

Sorry for the clickbait-y looking headline, but I really couldn’t believe what happened next! I still can’t believe it! 

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