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Bill Maher Makes a Case We’re Just All Too Dumb to Survive as a Nation

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Bill Maher Says Gender Reassignment with Kids Has Gone Too Far

Bill Maher ventures into dicey areas all the time, and he did not disappoint Friday night when he argued … gender reassignment with kids has gone too far. The “Real Time” host began his...


Rod Stewart Tells Bill Maher He and the Queen Have Something in Common

Bill Maher had one of his best guests EVER on “Real Time” Friday night … Rod Stewart, and the timing of the sit-down is crazy. Rod kicked off his world tour Friday night, performing at...


Bill Maher Says Will Smith’s Chris Rock Slap Was Twitter Personified

Play video content TMZ.com While there’s lots of POVs on Will Smith‘s slap — one person has a take we haven’t heard, and that’d be Bill Maher … who sees it as a...


Bill Maher Slams Orgs That Change Their Mission, But Not Their Name

Bill Maher bent minds Friday night … with the premise companies and organizations have hidden behind old images of who they once were … changing everything but their name. The “Real...


Bill Maher Uses Kim, Kanye and Pete to Explain Russian War Against Ukraine

Play video content Real Time with Bill Maher/HBO The brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine is hard for some Americans to understand, so Bill Maher broke it down in terms a pop culture consumer can easily...

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Bill Maher: LeBron James Is Communist China’s ‘B*tch’

“Real Time” host Bill Maher has slammed NBA star LeBron James as Communist China’s “b*tch.” Maher called out Hollywood and sports celebrities in America for staying quiet on the brutality of the...


Bill Maher Says Obama and Biden Must Marry Each Other to Win 2024 Election

Bill Maher is back!!! And boy, this one’s a doozy … a plan for Democrats to stay in power after the 2024 election … and it involves Joe Biden, Barack Obama and gay marriage. This is...