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Braves fans are on their way to setting an attendance record

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Braves are on their way to surpassing 3 million in attendance this season — a feat that hasn’t been achieved since 2000.

I can’t emphasize enough how amazing the atmosphere has been in and around the stadium on game days at The Battery. Every time the Braves take the field, it feels like October because of the number of fans in the seats and engaged with what’s going on.

The World Series hangover undoubtedly has had its effect early on this season, but I see no reason why this will slow down. The Braves’ busiest months typically begin in the summertime and run through the end of the season. As kids are let out of school and college students return for the summer, attendance will only rise. We could be on our way to one of the most successful seasons — in terms of attendance — of all time.

According to the AJC, 2.655 million fans is the most the Braves have ever drawn in a season since moving to Truist Park. They will surely shatter that mark this year.




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