Toxic Love: Essential, Wild R&B Songs For Valentine’s Day

todayJanuary 24, 2024

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. With this holiday comes a season of love, affection, and romance. Further, R&B is the perfect genre for Valentine’s Day, whether you are single or in a committed relationship—or anywhere in between. There is a lane of the genre for everyone, including wholesome declarations of love and toxic soundtracks to pain.

Many legendary singers have dabbled in both ends of the R&B spectrum. Some, however, specialize in toxicity, penning some wild lyrics that become irresistible classics. In this modern era, toxic R&B has taken over. During times of heartbreak, listeners turn to toxic R&B, no matter how jarring the content may be. For this year’s Valentine’s Day, we are exploring toxic love by providing a list of essential wild R&B songs. Listed in no particular order, take a look at the selections below.

dvsn-if-i-get-caught”>dvsn – “If I Get Caught”

Canadian R&B duo dvsn make some of the best moody R&B. The lead single from their latest release, 2022’s Working on My Karma, basks in the group’s toxicity. Daniel Daley begins “If I Get Caught” by telling a girl “[she] wouldn’t want [him] if you thought [he] never had hoes” in response to her going through his phone. “Now you’re trippin’, girl, it’s not fair,” he sings. The JAY-Z-sampling song embraces its own toxicity with its catchy chorus. The choir chants, “If I get caught cheating, that don’t mean I don’t love you.” It is a song about cheating and trust that channels classic ’90s R&B records. The wild premise of “If I Get Caught” makes for the perfect toxic R&B for Valentine’s Day.

Ty Dolla $ign – “Horses In The Stable”

Undoubtedly, Ty Dolla $ign’s most toxic song is “Horses In the Stable.” He brags about having women in different area codes, likening his full roster to having horses “that [he] can ride anytime.” After listing off each girl’s name and city in the verses, he admits that “the way that [he’s] living ain’t right” but still says, “You just another girl, and this is just another night.” The song’s soulful swing and impeccable vocal performance make the lyrics seem very emotional, but the song is quite the opposite. Ty sings, “She said she lookin’ for a real one / I told her that she found a real one / Said she looking for relationships / I said, ‘Girl, who you playin’ with?’” The overwhelmingly toxic metaphor of horses in the stable combined with the instrumentation is overtly degrading but makes for a painfully honest song.

Jazmine Sullivan – “Roster”

Like Ty Dolla $ign, Jazmine Sullivan “keeps it honest” by telling someone about her “long list” on “Roster.” From start to finish, she is blunt in her approach and self-aware of how her habits may seem. “Toxic, call me toxic but you’ll never call me stupid,” she begins. “I’ve been told before, I’m ruthless ’cause I’m a player by nature / But I’ll always keep it honest / So for you, there’s one more spot left in my roster,” she continues. Jazmine Sullivan is enjoying herself, singing, “I’m not stopping in my prime / This the best time of my life.” She is interested in the person she’s speaking to but tells him, “Don’t catch feelings” and “You just gotta fall in line.” “Roster” explores having options, appealing to those disinterested in committed relationships around Valentine’s Day.

Drake feat. Ty Dolla $ign – “Get Along Better”

As both a rapper and a singer, Drake has a plethora of toxic tracks. Within the R&B realm of his catalog, many songs stick out as heartfelt expressions of heartbreak despite having a petty and toxic edge. On the Ty Dolla $ign-assisted “Get Along Better,” Drake ruminates on a past relationship and how it ended. He sings, “You had the nеrve to defend mistakes that you made at the end / You said I was too invested and that’s what had forced you to go and pretend.” Drake even doubles down, passionately singing, “I swear you crazy.” Promising pure intentions and that “this ain’t ‘bout revenge,” he still says, “now I get along better with your friend.” Despite not wanting to seek revenge on his ex, Drake remains frustrated with the way things ended between them but has finally moved on with her friend.

PARTYNEXTDOOR – “Savage Anthem”

“Savage Anthem” is appropriately titled as PARTYNEXTDOOR tells his girl that he will not change for her, sticking to his savage ways. “Don’t hold your breath, don’t wait on my love,” he tells her in the chorus before delivering some ruthless lines in the verses. PND tells the girl that she should not count on him to commit as he sings, “Don’t trust me to capture the moment / Forgive me, it just was a moment.” He is also clearly not open to hearing her side. He sings, “You see, I don’t give no f*cks now / Is it somethin’ we discussed now? / The truth got you in disgust now ’cause I’d rather we just f*ck now.”

Party is self-aware of his toxicity, saying that he puts “the dirt into dirtbag.” He knows “that’s f*cked up” but “that’s what pimpin’ do.” Overall, “Savage Anthem” certainly lives up to its title and is the essential song for those feeling toxic on Valentine’s Day. 

SZA – “Kill Bill”

SZA’s “Kill Bill” is another anthem for those feeling salty about how their last relationship ended. The Grammy-nominated single starts with SZA hating to see her ex happy with a new girl. She uses the metaphor of the famous Tarantino film to sing about being so hung up on her ex that she starts plotting to kill him and his new girl. Singing that she still loves him despite wanting to kill him, she says that she would rather be in jail and hell “than alone.” SZA clarifies that drugs do not influence her thinking, but she doesn’t want her ex to move on without her. The sentiments of “Kill Bill” resonate with listeners who hate to see their old flames move on without them. For that reason, it is the right kind of toxic R&B song for Valentine’s Day.

The Weeknd – “Shameless”

It really does not get more toxic than The Weeknd when it comes to R&B. Dark tales of pain, numbness, and cold-blooded lyrics riddle his discography. Throughout his career, he has enticed listeners with an intoxicated reality, bringing them into conceptual worlds of toxic relationships. Before returning to his “heartless” ways, The Weeknd declared himself “Shameless.” In this song, he details a no-strings-attached relationship with a girl who “lives for the pain” and begs him to come over.

The Weeknd recognizes her emotional baggage, singing, “That’s why you always call me ‘cause you’re scared to be loved.” Understanding the damage created by this relationship, he makes an empty promise to be there for her. Despite not wanting to hurt her, he admits he has no shame and continues staying in the relationship. With its “Shameless” lyrics, The Weeknd highlights toxic love in this song. It is the ultimate soundtrack to those feeling shameless around Valentine’s Day.


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